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Welcome to Primary 5 
The Primary 5 Teacher is  
Mrs McLean 
Tayto Factory and Tannaghmore Gardens 
RDS Primary Science Fair 
Releasing our Fish in Manor Park... 
Science Day 
A Step in Time 
The Egyptians 
with St Patrick's Moneymore 
Gym Time 
Our Fish have Arrived! 
Meet the Egyptians... 
We planned and designed an Egyptian shaduf to build in groups. We then sourced materials and made our model shaduf. The Egyptians still use these today to irrigate their land. 
Egyptian Cartouche 
Royal names would have been written on a cartouche. We wrote ours in heiroglyphics and used special papyrus paper. 
Games at MRC 
P5 Visit St John's and First Presbyterian Churches in Moneymore... 
Ballinderry Fish Hatchery  
Planting for our Pollination Project... 
Moneymore Trip 
Tour Guide: Mrs Porter 
Enjoying our Bonus Play Time for Highest Points in Mathletics... 
Capital Letters 
A Highland Dancing taster session... 
Guided Reading 
Working together on Hundreds, Tens and Units 
Selfies...using pastels! 
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