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Nursery Information Afternoon for New Parents (Academic Year 2017-18) will be held on Tuesday 20th June @ 1:30pm 
Our current nursery children will go home early on this occasion (collection time to follow) so that the nursery room can be prepared to welcome our new parents. To off- set this, the current nursery children will stay until 1:55pm on Monday 26th June (the date of the last nursery outing). 

Fun in the Great Outdoors 

A big thank you to all our parents who took part in the Getting Ready to Learn Outdoor play workshops - the feedback was very positive and we do hope that you feel equipped and inspired to enrich your child's learning using the Adventure Play bags - Remember to return each bag on a Tuesday and sign out a new bag on the Wednesday. 

PTA Fun Night will be held on  
Tuesday 27th June  
All welcome to attend 
We warmly invite our new nursery families to join in the fun - this is a great opportunity for the children to get to know their new surroundings in a fun way. Mrs Whiteside and Mrs Glasgow can usually be found hiding the ball pool in the Fun Trailer!!!! 

Lending Library 
Please choose a book to read with your child. 
Library books are in the book boxes in the nursery foyer 
New books have been added... 
Sign out sheet is available 

To complete our nursery year our last trip (Monday 26th June) together will be to An Creagan, near Omagh: a fabulous forest terrain with an enthusiastic educator to inspire and instill a love of the great outdoors! We call him our 'BFG' - Big Friendly Giant!!!! 
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