striving for excellence...caring for children 

Tom, Nicole, Harry and Georgia celebrate their fourth birthdays in nursery - all their friends helped to ice the cake!!!! 

Our Christmas Trip to An Creagan Forest 

Christmas Dress Up Day - Even the adults have a sense of occasion... 

Enjoying our Christmas Dinner in Nursery 


Aaron, Joshua, Isabella and Elli celebrate their fourth birthdays 

Christmas Time in the Nursery 

Exploring ice and water in the nursery garden - It's soooooo cold!!!! 

We had great fun on our Teddy Toddle - The Year seven  
children helped to keep us safe!! 

Zach, Joel and Jamie have celebrated their fourth birthdays by making a cake to share with their friends 

Pumpkins and Autumn Dough 

We worked really hard to bake scones. I think we might have over worked the dough!!!! And Mrs Whiteside forgot to take them out of the oven! Oh well - it was our first try!!!! 

We made and iced our first birthday cake for Charlie, Olivia and Mia. We had lots of enthusiastic helpers especially when it came to tasting the icing!! 

Let's Get Started in Moneymore Nursery 

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