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Themes For February / March 
Who Helps Me at Home, at School and in the Community? 
My Family, My Teachers, The Cook, The Doctor, The Workman, The Optician, The Police Service, The Fire Service 
Curriculum Enriching Experiences: 
Mum and Baby Morning 
The Hairdresser 
Nursery Outing to Cookstown Fire Station 
Making Pancakes and Easter Traditions 
Nursery Start Time: Outer Door Opens at 8:45am  
Nursery Door Opens at 8:50am 
Nursery Stop Time: 1.10-1.20pm 
Tel: 028 867 47775 
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January was a really cold month and we had great fun in the snow. We made bird feeders for the garden and the birds loved eating the seeds especially in the afternoons. 
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