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Welcome to Primary 6S! 
Our teacher is Mrs Stewart. 
Our classroom assistant is Mrs Workman. 
The Digestive System 
Today we made our very own digestive system. We cut up bananas and biscuits and mixed them with orange juice in a plastic food bag (representing the stomach). We then poured the mixture into a pair of tights to absorb liquid (representing the small intestine inside the body). Finally, the cup acted as the large intestine where we sqeezed the excess food out of the body to make poo! 
Sphero Fun 
We had lots of fun using the Spheros as part of our numeracy lesson. We played darts and ten pin bowling in pairs and navigated the sphero using our knowledge of angles. 
Character Clouds 
P6 loved creating their own fictional character! We thought of a name, sketched our character and used ICT to create a character word cloud.  
Bottles of Blood 
As part of learning about the circulatory system, P6 created their own bottles of blood using cheerios (platelets), water (plasma), paint (red blood cells), marshmallows (white blood cells) and salt (nutrients). We then created labels for our bottles! 
The Skeleton & Joints 
Some of our group activities linked to the skeleton and our joints.  
We had to create a skeleton structure that would hold a tennis ball. We also created a 'hinge' joint and compared this to our elbows. 
The Human Body 
We have been doing lots of practical activities linked to our new topic 'The Human Body'. We had to guess where each organ would be located in the body, then we found out the correct location in class. 
P6 are enjoying lots of sport this week! 
Easter Cards & Daffodils 
Christmas Origami & Drawing Workshop 
Learning how to code with Scratch 
Virtual Gymnastics 
P6 enjoyed experiencing a virtual dance and gymnastics lesson which was hosted by Rainey Endowed's PE class.  
Viking Warriors 
We painted our own viking shields using original viking designs. 
Christmas Crafts 
This week we were feeling festive and created Christmas stained glass window mosaics. 
Odd Socks Day for Anti Bullying Week! 
This week P6 learnt how to play the Viking board game 'Hnefatafl'. 
Keeping fit with daily mile and weekly P.E. 
Autumn paintings inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock 
Autumn inspiration walk  
We went for a lovely walk through Manor Park to get some inspiration for autumnal list poems. 
Space Projects 
P6 have worked so hard to create pizza box planet projects. We are so impressed with our 3D planets moulded from paper mache and balloons! 
We loved using ISAK 9 to solve maths challenges in groups. 
Moneymore Investigation! 
P6 had a strange scene to investigate on Monday morning. We observed the area and made notes. On Tuesday we interviewed the principal and finished off by writing a report. 
Mountain Climbing Freeze Frames 
We worked as a team to create freeze frames based on climbing Mount Everest. 
Getting prepared for the trip... 
Mapping the journey... 
The big climb... 
Trekking through the forest... 
We have reached the top! 
Mental Maths Games 
Newspaper Scavenger Hunt 
We found so many different features in our newspapers! 
P6 are happy to be back at school! 
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