striving for excellence...caring for children 
About Moneymore PS 
Moneymore Primary School & Nursery Unit operates under the ethos of the Christian faith and is open to children of all faiths and none. The school and nursery unit seeks to provide high quality education for children to enable them to learn, develop and grow together, within the ethos of non-denominational Christian values and principles. As a controlled primary school and nursery unit we welcome all young people, whoever they are and from wherever they come. 
'Striving for Excellence … Caring for Children'  
In Moneymore Primary School we value: 
We will develop an atmosphere of trust, openness and fair play. 
We will value the potential and contributions of every individual. 
We will create a welcoming, caring, happy and secure school. 
We will treat everybody fairly, with consideration. 
We will encourage curiosity, creative thinking and a positive learning environment. 
We will build on and develop our links with parents and the local community. 
Moneymore Primary School & Nursery Unit occupies a large and spacious site in the heart of Moneymore village. The existing school replaced a number of smaller schools and opened in 1962.  
There are seven main classrooms, a central library area, a multi-purpose assembly/P.E. hall a 'learning hub' and two resource areas which allow staff to work with classes and smaller groups. Touchscreen panels are installed in all classrooms.  
We have over 60 i-pads in school, Chromebooks, spheros and other electronic equipment that pupils in each class make use of. There are two carefully designed safe play areas and a grass sports pitch. 
At present the school has eight full-time teachers. There is a full-time teacher in the Nursery unit. Several experienced classroom assistants support the children in their learning. 
Our experienced and committed staff work enthusiastically to ensure the full participation of all pupils in the wide range of learning opportunities provided. The curriculum is enhanced through a range of educational visits and supported with the use of a wide range of ICT resources. 
The Principal and Staff work closely to organise teaching programmes in the various areas of study of the statutory N.I. Curriculum. These are 
Language & Literacy 
Mathematics & Numeracy 
The Arts  
The World Around Us  
Personal Development & Mutual Understanding  
Physical Education 
The school has a Christian ethos and Religious Education is therefore taught in each year group. 
The school aims to provide a broad, balanced curriculum in line with recent educational reforms and has a high reputation for sound teaching. It is our policy to provide adequate opportunities for our children to: 
Communicate clearly and confidently 
• Read fluently, accurately and with understanding 
• Acquire basic mathematical understanding of appropriate mathematical concepts 
Acquire some knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live 
• Develop qualities of mind, body, spirit, feeling and imagination. 
The N.I. Curriculum is taught in three stages: children in Years 1 & 2 Foundation Stage; Years 3 & 4 are in Key Stage One whilst those in Years 5, 6 and 7 are in Key Stage Two. 
The assessment of pupils’ progress is made using continuous assessment by the class teacher, which includes weekly, topic and termly/yearly tests and the results of external and standardised tests. 
The School Day 
8.15 am - 8.40 am 
Early Bird Breakfast Club 
8.40 am - 9.00 a.m 
Arrival (Assembly Hall/Outside) 
9.00 a.m. 
School Starts 
9.00 am - 10.20am 
Lessons (P1-3) 
9.00 am - 10.45am 
Lessons (P4-7) 
10.20 am -10.35 am 
Morning Break (P1-3) 
10.45 am - 11.00 am 
Morning Break (P4-7) 
10.35 am -12.00 pm 
Lessons (P1-3) 
11.00 am - 12.30 pm 
Lessons (P4-7) 
12.00 pm -12.45 p.m. 
Lunch (P1-3) 
12.30 pm - 1.15 pm 
Lunch (P4-7) 
12.45 pm - 2.00 pm 
Lessons (P1-3) 
1.15 pm - 2.10 pm 
Lessons (P4-7) 
2.00 p.m. 
P 1, 2 & 3 finish 
2.10 p.m. - 3.00 p.m 
Afternoon Classes (P4-7) 
2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m 
Springhill Club 
3.00 p.m. 
P4—P7 finish (2pm Friday) 
3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m 
After School Clubs P4-P7 
Afternoon Timetable 
Primary 1, 2 and 3 children go home every afternoon at 2pm. 
Primary 4, 5, 6 & 7 finish every afternoon at 3pm (2pm Friday's). 
In order to ensure the children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, we have planned the afternoon period from 2.10 - 3.00pm with emphasis on the Creative and Expressive Studies, namely: 
Art and Design 
Religious Education 
Physical Education 
Activity Based Learning 
Personal Development & Mutual Understanding 
Mrs E Leitch 
Nursery Unit 
Mrs A Davidson 
Mrs L Ferguson/Mrs D Lyttle 
Mrs R McGeagh 
Mrs L McCabe 
Mrs J McLean 
Mr N McCullough 
P6 & Vice Principal 
Mr D Donaghy 
Mrs L Crooks 
Building Supervisor 
Mrs M Jordan 
Nursery Assistants 
Mrs L Glasgow 
Mrs C Ferguson 
Mrs D Forsythe 
Classroom Assistants 
Mrs K Crooks; Mrs S Nesbitt; Miss A Davis; Miss F Shearer; Mrs D Boyce; Mrs C Workman; Mrs C McAllen; Mrs S Orr; Miss A Faulkner; Miss S Johnston; Mr D Boyd; Mrs N Clarke; Ms L Whyte; Mrs J Crozier; Mrs L Lees; Mrs K Creighton; Mrs G Scott 
Mrs E Reid; Mrs C McAllen 
Kitchen Staff 
Mrs D Trainor; Mrs C Barnett; Mrs C Jordan 
Rev Dr A Stringer 
Mrs A Cunningham 
Rev Dr A Stringer  
Rev J Sloan 
Mrs I McKeown 
Mr K Brown 
Parent Representatives 
Mrs A Chambers 
Mr G Wilkinson 
EA Representatives 
Mr T Stewart 
Mrs J Turkington 
Teacher's Representative 
Mrs L McCabe 
Mrs A Cunningham (non-voting member) 
The governors of Moneymore Primary School are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school. In accordance with the Scheme of Management for Controlled Schools, some of their duties include: 
•The oversight of the curriculum. 
•The control of the budget 
•The provision of information to parents. 
•The selection of staff. 
•The maintenance of the premises. (Shared responsibility with EA-SR) 
•The Admissions Policy. 
•Fostering links with the local community. 
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